clean and lube service

We use an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean reels before servicing them. This is not my wifes jewelry cleaner-it is a machine designed for cleaning and de-greasing sensitive electronic parts. We use a biodegradable cleaning solution that is safe on the reels finish. Most reels are packed with grease from the factory and you will notice a difference in how the reel casts after it has been thoroughly cleaned and greased. The top three pictures are of an ABU 7000 that came in to be cleaned and inspected to see why it was not functioning properly-lots of surface corrosion! After cleaning the brake plate looks like new and the reel is functioning perfect again! 


reels and parts for sale

I started selling on Ebay and that is how my business grew. I always keep some items listed to help get my reels out there. Here is a link to what is on right now. Cut and paste it or search for the seller "Reelkustomreels"

Reel Tuning

Fishing or Field

We carry and manufacture parts to make your reels perform at the highest level possible. Call or email to discuss your needs. We have a wide range of parts to get the most out of your reels.

Custom reel frames from QTC and AKS Sportcast offer precision machined performance and strength for the ultimate casting reel. 

Complete Reels

New and Used

We always have a good selection of complete reels in stock. Both new and used Daiwa, Abu Garcia and Akios reels are available. We have a good stock of brand new vintage Abu Garcia reels available. Looking for a brand new Abu Garcia Blue Yonder? We have them! We also import reels from around the world and have several unique models available that were never made available in the U.S.A. like the "Florida Orange" Premium Mag Elite from England as well as the standard green Mag Elite.

Reel Repairs

Send your casting reels in for tuning and repair.

We stock a large amount of factory Abu Garcia parts for the round casting reels. Send your old faithful reel in for a professional cleaning and service to get it back working better than new! We have a levelwind cage that adds 3 bearings to the drive train and makes the reel extremely smooth- replace your plastic bushings with ABEC-5 stainless ball bearings and see the difference! We can also add the Instant Anti Reverse bearing to many of the old style ABU reels.