Blue Elite QTC

Abu 6500 custom 

This was built with a rare Blue Elite from England. Never sold in the USA.Similar to a Blue Yonder built on a gold QTC 6500 cage MAG-x spool ball bearing center mag ABEC-9 ceramic bearings

Rocket Reel co

custom 6500 

Here is a full custom nickle plated rocket reel co cage, TG-F2 sideplates. ABU TSR stainless drive. Rocket spindle, ABEC-9 ceramic bearings, carbon handle weighs just over 10 oz!! This reel is the best of the best!

6000C Ultracast Conversion

Here is a conversion on a vintage 6000C from the old style spool to the new free floating ultracast spool built on a new style CT frame. When it was done there were 4 ABEC-7 ceramic hybrid bearings on the spool and axle. The bushing was machined out of titanium and the reel was super smooth and had great free spool. Much better than the old spool with the solid axle.

Standard Center Mag

This side plate was sent in by a customer to have a mag unit installed. I was able to mount the plate on the identical reel and fit the mag unit. This is a non ball bearing center mag

Ball Bearing Center Mag

Orange Mag Elite

This is a custom center mag unit that spins on a stainless ball bearing and has a depth indicator.