At Reel Kustom Reels we specialize in building top quality reels for surf fishing and distance casting. We can tune and modify your reels or supply a complete reel built to your specifications. We specialize in ABU Garcia, AKIOS and Daiwa reels, but can make modifications to just about any reel out there. We manufacture and modify our own parts to build unique reels that look and perform like nothing else out there! We get our parts from all over the world in order to provide you the best quality and a unique reel. We can custom finish your reel in hundreds of tough,corrosion resistant finishes!

Brand New Abu Garcia purple rocket CT reel- one of many that were never offered in this configuration from the factory

Blue ABU Elite from England on a gold QTC cage-also from England. The Blue Elite was never available in the USA

We can build you an Abu Garcia casting reel in your favorite colors

Reel Tuning service and Repairs.Custom Reel Colors

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​Reel Kustom Reels