ABU 7000C4LD click plate

The ABU 7000C4LD is an awesome reel - but I have had several come in with a malfunctioning click plate. The click plate is part of the lever drag system and 1-it is sold as an individual part and 2-ABU part number 1078229 is "obsolete no longer available". I had 2 of these in my shop for the same problem. I searched the world looking for the click plate. I found SEVERAL reels that had been parted out and were complete other than the click plate!

 Through my extensive experience with welding I was able to come up with a way to weld the click plate back together and permanently fix the problem. I have seen click plates that had been "drilled and pinned" at an attempt to correct the problem. I can weld the plate up whether it is pinned or not. I tried 3 different processes before I was able to fuse these together. This service requires you to ship me your click plate or reel. Your plate is repaired and shipped back to you. I ship worldwide- $50 US plus shipping

 The plate can be powder coated after my process but it is no needed- I have perfected the process to the point where I do not even disturb the chrome-and get a full penetration weld! It took skill,trial and error to get there,so our process is a secret!